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component attrition


component attrition | 5 February, 2001

What numbers do you all use for component attrition at your pick and place machines?

Thanks, Larry

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component attrition | 6 February, 2001


Our specification is 0.075% for our Fuji CP3 and IP2 machines. At or above that figure the Maintenance Dept. has to get to work. We typically see 0.03% to 0.05% on average. The Fuji machines are all vision centering. We have found feeders are the biggest cause of component attrition (shrinkage as we call it).

Hope this helps.


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component attrition | 6 February, 2001

Pete makes great points.

Taking a slightly different angle, use your placement equipment's software to help you. It keeps track of the number of picks and attempts for each location. Study these numbers for a week and determine the capability of placement average for the machine and each part type. You�ll find that the following affect the "attrition rate": * Assembly machine program * Machine calibration and maintenance * Part characteristic * Machine setup * Proximity of part to end of tape * Machine vision calibration * PCB layout * Pad factors. Expect attrition to vary from less than 1% to as much as 3%, depending on these factors.

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