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CGA devices - placement and vision



CGA devices - placement and vision | 26 February, 2001

We have just started to be involved with collumn grid array devices and are currently placing them by Universal GSM machinery. We have been advised by Universal that they supply "On Axis" cameras designed for visioning CGA devices, however the cost is to disable one of our exsisting GSM's to get the camera installed. I am hoping for some advice on the following: 1. Is the camera worth the money? 2. We are currently looking at the external corners of the part to determin theta correction, this therefore does not allow for collumn inspection. Is anyone else doing something similar/different? 3. Does anyone have any associated avice on using CGA devices. All info welcome, from machine presentation through to rework of the devices.


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CGA devices - placement and vision | 26 February, 2001

I have not placed these parts in a while but when I did Universal was the machine that did it. We were able to place these parts using a 1mil flat( upward looking camera) inspecting all columns. The problem is a 100% column recognition is not possible if you plan on reducing the amount of rejected components. The problem with CGA devices, as far as pick and place is concerned, is illumination. The way the columns are cut make light reflection differently on all columns, all parts. If the parts you are using have corner fid's I would use them for placement. If you want to inspect all columns try getting UIC to let you evaluate this on axis camera for 30, 60, 90 days.... They will probably let you do this in hopes of getting a sell.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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Dave G


CGA devices - placement and vision | 27 February, 2001

I've used an on-axis camera lighting for other components with a good deal of success. (But not for CGA's in particular) I would think it should work pretty well for a CGA application. I've done some pretty odd looking parts with this type of lighting and have had success. You may want to ask about the New Mega-View camera as well.

I'm not sure if this is supported on other GSM cameras/heads but, on a GSM Flexjet Head you can mix lighting modes. You can combine on-axis,front,& side lighting levels to achieve the best image.

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