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Re: Reflow Power Failure



Reflow Power Failure | 28 February, 2000

Hello 1-In our facility we face a lot of power failures due to the to the city electricity network problems.So, it has hppend many times to loose some PCA's inside the reflow oven. Of course it costs a big money to buy a UPS for a reflow oven. One suggested to connect a power generator to the oven as a standby powr source.And to avoid the high cost once again he suggested a low power generator just to drive the oven chain to get the assemblies out & later reflow them again.Do we have technical problems if we do this ? keeping in mind assemblies with very expensive components

2-For assemblies with gold plated edge fingers, is it quite restricted to have solder traces on those fingers after Wave Soldering? If no ,so to what extent? Thank you Hany

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Re: Reflow Power Failure | 1 March, 2000

Hey Hany: Here yago:

On power outages: Talk about fun!!!! Can we have more of �em?? � You�re correct that a UPS to run your reflow is very expensive, but all you have to run is the belt motor. That�s "cheap!!!!" Get UPS sizing information from your oven supplier. � Some ovens have a crank than advances the conveyor. Yagotone? Can yagetone? � Why don�t you just pop the cover on your reflow and pick-out the no longer in-process boards? Toss �em in plastic zip bags and wait for the power to come back? � Your gas generator idea will work. I don�t like runnin� those things inside, soit�ll require a long extension cord. You have to store gasoline somewhere. My forth choice.

We had one power line to our plant that was constantly outing us. Not that "outing," you pervert. We complained, we whined, we did everything. The utility people told us we were maroons. Finally, it got so bad that they sent someone over to show us how install line fuses. You know those cylindrical jobs about an inch in diameter. How can you get that backward???? Anyhow, so one day we got a big blow and the power line to our plant fell-off the transformer. They came by (in their own sweet time, of course. They had to try and beat the cops to the latest batch at Krispy Kreme) and fixed the wire. It�s been okeedokee since.

On slopping solder on gold fingers: We allow no solder on gold fingers. Check the archives for solutions.


Dave F

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