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advice | 16 April, 2001

Hi; can any body provide the following advices:

1. What's cp and cpk 2. How to calcilate. 3. How to define sigma. 4. How it work.

Please provide all these in detail; and thanks for the information provide.

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advice | 17 April, 2001

Process capability indices are pretty well documented. Consider:

1 A good general SPC book like: Statistical Quality Control; EL Grant & RS Leavenworth; Mcgraw-Hill; ISBN 0078443547

2 Other good books are:

Statistical Process Control For SMT; WS Messina [check last month's SMTnnet Newsletter for a review and other information on this book]

Process Capability Indices In Theory And Practice; S Kotz & CR Lovelace; Arnold; ISBN 0340691778

3 Search the internet using your favorite brouser

4 Read pertinent articles on: and poke around their site for some other good stuff

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