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Wavesolder Carriers



Wavesolder Carriers | 17 April, 2001

Does anyone know what the requirements are for the maintenance and frequency of cleaning wave solder carriers? as I am in process of writing a procedure amd don't really know what to include in it. All the carriers use no clean chemistry. Thanks in advance


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Wavesolder Carriers | 17 April, 2001

Adam, After a thorough cleaning, I see most of my customers using a weekly maintenance schedule.

However, because the characteristics of the post solder flux will contaminate the wash solution of the stencil cleaner, some customers wait until they are ready to change the wash water from cleaning stencils - clean their carriers at this point - maintenance the machine and add fresh solution to continue cleaning stencils.

Regards, Bill Schreiber Smart Sonic Corporation Tel: 1(818) 909-6400

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