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Flip Chip



Flip Chip | 22 April, 2001

Hello all

My company is getting ready to implement solder bump flip chips in the production line in the future. We are a contract manufacturer. We currently have the SMT facilities to do up to 1.5mm pitch BGA's, 0402 and other standard SMT. What equipment would be needed for the implementation of this flip chip technology and what specifications should this equipment have to get a good yield. The current pick and place we are using is the Contact 3AV and we are looking for an upgrade. Some equipment suppliers specify that they have flipchip capability on their machinery this must have a maximum specified repeatability at the least. So if anyone out there is currently working with these SMD's could you please give me some idea of what I need and how to implement it.

Thanks Guys

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Flip Chip | 23 April, 2001

I personally like Universals GSM and the Siemens F series for placement machines and companies. Both have great laboratorys set up for Flip Chip processing.Both Also have industry leading experts on staff.

Machine info: can they do tacky flux dispenseing? Can the vision system see uBumps? How small? die Feeders, gel pak, "Surf tape", wafferfeeders available ? do they dip flux?


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Paul Gerits


Flip Chip | 24 August, 2001


you can use the Assembleon (Philips) ACM Micro for this. It can place Flip Chip form 0,1x0,1mm upto micro BGA, CSP's etc. etc.

It even can handle Odd's and insert components. Web-site Please contcat me or our company on detailed information.

Paul Gerits Business development Assembleon

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Flip Chip | 24 August, 2001

Paul, I have about 8 years experience with GSMs placing flip chips and have trained Universal customers to do the same. I don't think you can find a more versitile pick and place machine with all of the options that are available and the support you can get. There are a lot of them on the used machine marketplace. Good luck. Andy

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