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Mydata vs Siplace



Mydata vs Siplace | 23 April, 2001


I am looking for pros and cons of using a Mydata pick and place instead of a Siplace (Siemens). I know that a Siplace is very accurate and capable of placing a very wide range of components (0201 and up) without having to alter the machine or buy options. It would be interesting to hear what a Mydata user has to say about versatility, capability and accuracy.

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Mydata vs Siplace | 23 April, 2001

Mydata machines are great for large back planes close to 23" wide. The foot print of the Mydata machines are concerning- being a "T" design it sacrifices floor space. Also, Mydata is not considered to be in the same classification (my opinion) of equipment. Siemens is geared for high range/ high reliability where Mydata is more for the medium range companies.

What is the thought process for changing? and why Mydata? Cal

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Mydata vs Siplace | 23 April, 2001

I had a couple of Mydata's for a number of years. I loved the software, it was easy to use, easy to program, easy to learn and very flexible. It's design is suited more for "batch" style production, rather than inline production. The placement is reliable and repeatable, but as I have never worked with a Siplace, I don't know how it stacks up.

the general opinons that I have heard tend to agree with Cal, that the siemens is a step higher, but don't take my word for it. If you are considering both, buy some dummy boards & components and put each machine to the test.


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Mydata vs Siplace | 24 April, 2001

It's not so much of a change but a new investment. We have Siplace lines now, and very pleased with the performance. The reason for looking at the Mydata is to remove all the small stuff from the faster lines and reduce changeover times. The idea is ok, but changeover times can also be reduced with a Siplace line by combining feeder setups and accurate production planning. We have a lot of 0402, CSP and odd shaped components in our production. The Siemens machines have no problem, I still have to find out how a Mydata performs and how long can it perform after a calibration.

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Ivan Rojas


Mydata vs Siplace | 25 April, 2001

Ivan Rojas


Mydata vs Siplace | 25 April, 2001

Well Joe , I have work with Mydata for 3 years and 2 years for Siplace ,,, both they have great qualities different from eachother . One of the biggest different that I can said is the software of Mydata , is so much user friendly you can do thing right on the spots ( changes , Offset , etc) while Siplace you hace to finish the board , change and then download the program again ,we just upgrade our software but is the same thing really nothing like Mydata but Siplace in my opinion is more faster , use less room and the placement is the same as Mydata from the smaller part 0201 to any BGA . It depends what kind of company you are running , and what do you need . In my final opinio I will like to have a Siplace with Mydata software , I hope this help you for your desicion for whatever machine ivan

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Mydata vs Siplace | 26 April, 2001

We only have Mydata's where I work. The reason we chose Mydata is because we are low volume high mix, and our PCB's tend to be a bit larger, 12" X 18". Because of the high mix environment the Mydata fit better than others. Changeover is easier, and the mix of components on one machine is higher. Besides the fact that the software is easy to use.

They have been extremely reliable, and if we do have a problem, the service is good.

Good luck in your research.

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Mydata vs Siplace | 26 April, 2002

We have had Mydata for eight years and Siplace for six. We have found that the Siemens is much more accurate and faster than the Mydata (about four times quicker). Although the Mydata is more friendly regarding the software, if the upfront preparatory work is done correctly you can introduce new products just as quickly as on a Mydata.

Our main criticism of Mydata is that although their machines have moved on with regard to the technology of components that can be placed, their feeders do leave an awful lot to be desired. They are still based on a ten year old design. The feeders are not particularly accurate and cannot step quick enough. Having too many reels in the 8mm 0402 feeders causes the magazine to stop working. The large feeders are filled with plastic teeth and break easily. Large tapes fall off the cogs due to bad design of tape guide (acknowledged by Mydata). The new Agilis feeder appears to be a direct rip off of an old Nitto feeder, which is still based on a mechanical step, rather than a quick accurate servo stepper.

Machine criticisms � On a Mydata you cannot test any components off line � ie vision checks. The only way you can see if your package is correct is to try and place it onto a board. Any error messages which appear to tell you why the component won�t pass vision is vague and unclear as to what needs rectifying.

That said both machines are very reliable, but the build quality of a Mydata does seem to be shamed by German engineering. The Mydata looks like it�s been built using elastic bands and cable ties rather than milled out of big metal blocks.

On the whole each machine has its own market, however, the poor state and little/no advancement on the feeders would seriously make us think about buying a Mydata again.


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Mydata vs Siplace | 28 April, 2002

If the reason you are looking into Mydata is for low quantities and higher changeover. I would look into their main competitor(s) also. I am a Quad (tyco) user and of course, I would suggest for you to look into the "Tyco" Q-series. There are none of those feeder-type isses, the footprint is more in line for "standard" machines, the changeover is quick,easy, and efficient. I run them in a smaller contract-type environment. My two cents, good luck.

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Mydata vs Siplace | 29 April, 2002

Machine Data Mydata MY9 machine weight: 1800kg placement repeatablilty @ 3 sig: 15 micron x-y axis drive mech: x combo belt rackπnion, y ball screw Siemens F5 machine weight: 1500kg placement accuracy @ 3 sig: 30 micron x-y axis drive mech: x belt y belt

The above is to illustrate spec comparisions for the Swedish Mydata and the German Siplace. These are two very different machines though. The Siplace was designed for speed, speed, speed. They designed the machine to place a range of components from chips up to IC devices yet maintain a similar speed. They were very successful and cut into the Japanese turret-based chip-shooter market, which was their target. Mydata on the other hand designed their machine for changeover, changeover, changeover. They were very succesful and cut into the Quad, Contact Sys, Zevatech, etc.. market, which was their target. It really comes down to economics because both machines are very well built and are reliable machines. To setup a Siplace package for a high-mix low volume application you must get extra carts and extra feeders. In addition its difficult to get one machine to do all on the Siplace. An F5 and S23 or S25 is typically required. At the end of the day it could cost twice and much money or more to get a fast changeover Siplace line. Software is an issue as well. How fast can you get the product up a running from CAD-Gerber data. Best way to tell is to visit each vendor with a kit of boards and parts and watch each vendor program, setup and run the machines. Do not send any materials in advance. Customer support is an issue to investigate as well. Hope this helps.

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Joe Reddy


Mydata vs Siplace | 29 April, 2002

Is that the same Tyco on the NYSE - the stock is plunging.

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Mydata vs Siplace | 3 May, 2002

Not many tech stocks not plunging.

Pete is correct.......You application should determine the machine not the machine determine the application. That is why there are machines from $15K(US) to +$400K. Mechanical, Laser, vision.......servo, linear...... pass through, standalone it all ahs to do with the application. I always look at the support structure (service, applications, logistics) in helping with my decsion.


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Mitch DeCaire


Mydata vs Siplace | 16 May, 2002

Dear Phil,

I just read your comments pertaining to Mydata & Siplace. I am the Canadian Sales Manager of Siplace. Siplace has a very unique product offering I would like to discuss with you.

Are you currently employed with the company where the street address begins with 195? Are their any plans at your company to expand your placement capacity?

Furthermore, we just put a complete Siplace Line into George Brown College in Toronto where we conduct product demonstrations.

Could you please respond directly to my e-mail at ""

Many thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.


David Intson Siemens Dematic Country Manager Cell: 905-315-0398

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