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Batch Oven Profile?

Jeff Sanchez


Batch Oven Profile? | 23 February, 2000

Hi everyone, I just installed a batch oven in my shop. It;s an older Advanced Techniques PRO-90. I need to know what a good and simple profile is for it. I want to run some simple double sided boards with 63/37 no clean paste. The machine offers Four time zones that can be programmed in. It also runs on nitro but we wont be going there soon. I need to know what the temps are as well as the length of each temp. LOL.....I guess that would be the profile. Thanks in advance .........................Jeff Sanchez

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Travis Slaughter


Re: Batch Oven Profile? | 23 February, 2000

Your solder paste manufacturer should determine the time. As far as temperatures those will very with each board. Creating a profile comes down to trial and error, there are some nice tools that help, the MOLE profiler is one, but there are just way too many variables for anyone to ever be able to give you a profile, the board itself the biggest. By the way using a batch oven to try and reflow is going to be a great challenge I have never tried to myself I think a better question for everyone else out there might be can proper reflow be achieved with a batch oven.

Travis S

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Jeff Sanchez


Re: Batch Oven Profile? | 25 February, 2000

Hey Travis, Thanks for the response. I did find a simple profile to use. As you said it took alot of trial and error. I was just looking for a good place to start. As for questioning the capability of a batch reflow oven,they have good reviews for being able to do a high mix of low volume boards.I can reflow a 15"X 15" board and turn around and do five 6"X 4" boards the next minute. I don't have to make alot of changes to belt speed or use an exspensive profiler. I just place thermal probes on a board and make sure the oven ramps the way the indicators say it should. I don't have 10,000 of anything so a conveyorized oven is over kill here. This oven holds over a hundred profiles and works very well. In one hour I was reflowing QFP's with good results. I can set a lower temp profile to back out IC's.It even has a programable nitro feed. I know that if you run nitro on a conveyorized oven there is lose at the openings of the oven. Not so when it's in a closed batch oven. I dont know what bad things you might have heard about batch ovens but I think you might take a second look at their value. I am sure there will be a good number of them on display at Nepcon next week. I liken it to a glorified pizza oven cause i think that's what they are. As long as it can reflow chips and not burn my pine apples I'm in biz..................Jeff Sanchez

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