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Web Based Training | 28 November, 2000

Hello Dr. Abell! We are a small co. from India already running class room training programs in ESD as well as SMT. Have recently added web based training programs in SMT. I have read through yr profile & I find you have worked in the area of Distance Education. I would request you to share with me yr views on the overall effectiveness (cost, acceptability, retention, bandwidth related issues etc.) of such a (ESD) training program if offered on the Internet or Intranet.

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Re: Web Based Training | 28 November, 2000

This is certainly an excellent question. We have shied away from going web based for several reasons:

1. Yes - bandwidth is a real issue. Research into instructional effectiveness of computer based training shows that students lose interest if response time is greater than 2 seconds. Sorry... for most people, the web is not there yet - not when full audio and video are involved. It will get there, but not yet.

2. Many companies don't want employees at the factory floor level outside the company firewall, for a large variety of reasons.

3. If the information is not really dynamically changing, having to pay the incremental cost for network services doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Why not stay with the company internal network, where you can control access, costs, and bandwidth.

4. In spite of the familiarity of the browser interface to most professional people, it is still far from intuitive for new users. We try to keep the user interface very straight forward, so that non-computer users can get started quickly.

These items raised, the acceptability and retention issues have a lot more to do with the quality of the instruction than with anything that is implicitly web/non-web.

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Re: Web Based Training | 28 November, 2000

Thank you Dr. Abell for yr response. I am not sure if I have understood yr Point # 3 clearly. Are you suggesting that CBT run on Corporate Intranet (where Bandwidth, Accessibility under control) is the real answer in the current situation ? If so do you offer such a product ? Thanks. Ashutosh.

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Re: Web Based Training | 28 November, 2000

We have recently moved our "ESD: See it! Believe It! Control It!" product to a network version. This particular course is aimed at engineers and technicians, and these people typically already have a computer on their desktop, so providing the training on the network made a lot of sense.

In most customer facilities, operator/assembler trainees have to go to a computer training room anyway, so most have managed with the CD-ROM approach. We are, however, migrating all of our operator courses to the network to make administration easier. But they are not available yet. This will happen first quarter 2001.

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