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Indium / Tin Intermetallics


Indium / Tin Intermetallics | 24 August, 2000

What are the primary indium (In) / tin (Sn) intermetallic compounds (IMC)?

What are the drivers to the formation of In/Sn IMC?

Copper / tin IMC are very bittle and, while necessary for proper solder connection formtion, are ment to be minimized. What are the properties of In/Sn IMC?

What else should we know about In/Sn IMC?

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Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee


Re: Indium / Tin Intermetallics | 24 August, 2000

There is no IMC composition can be identified in phase diagram of In/Sn. There are some compositions such as In3Sn or InSn4 cited in earlier literature. Those composition should be regarded as approximate representation of solid solution of In/Sn.

If there is any IMC of In/Sn to be reported in the future, which I doubt, the material property certainly will not be brittle and hard. In the manufacturing of In/Sn alloy systems, no brittle textures have been experienced or reported.

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