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Silver Inclusion In Solder


Silver Inclusion In Solder | 23 August, 2000

Dr. Lee: What are the benefits, advantages, disadvantages, etc of including silver in "traditional" tin lead solder pastes?

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Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee


Re: Silver Inclusion In Solder | 23 August, 2000

Comparing 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag with 63Sn/37Pb, addition of 2% Ag introduces two major advantages. The first advantage is grain refining, and the resultant better fatigue resistance. The second advantage is a wider processing window on Ag metallization. Presence of Ag significantly reduces the Ag leaching phenomenon.

Ag is more expensive than Sn and Pb, therefore will increase the cost. Presence of Ag also slightly reduces the wetting ability of solder. In the case of solder paste, 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag is also more prone to have solder balling problem.

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Re: Silver Inclusion In Solder | 30 August, 2002

Hi Dr Lee,

Recently, I was assigned to use Ag imm. PCB using 63/37 solder paste without Ag. The results were not fantastic. Surface finish was rough and lots of wetting issue. The oven profile soaking time was set at 70 secs above 183�C and Max temp at 235�C. Would it help if I used solder paste with 2% Ag ??

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