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unidentified component

cedric conjat


unidentified component | 19 February, 2000

trying to identify faulty component seems to be a zener need to find the parameters


do you know a database which could give the figures do you know the manufacturer (PEC)

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Re: unidentified component | 21 February, 2000

Cedric: I know you said "5KE36CA."

Motorola, Fairchild, and some others make a zener transient suppressor 1.5KExxCA. The CA suffix makes it bidirectional.

Actually, Motorola is no longer in the business. On Semiconductor ( sells these parts now.

If you don't bite on adding a "1." prefix to your part number, "PEC" could be Philips Electronic Components.

Good luck

Dave F

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Pat Copeland


Re: unidentified component | 28 February, 2000

Type in the part number at parts search. Leave out the PEC and you will find three parts. One will direct you to the General Semiconductor site. This should help

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