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Matrix Tray Holder

Doug Kester


Matrix Tray Holder | 7 May, 2001

Has anyone heard of a single or double tray holder plate for Siemens Siplace equipment (either OEM or aftermarket). This would be similar to the Universal, Quad, and Zevatech platens for trays that just clip on to the feeder holders. Have only a couple trays at a time, and don�t need capacity (or expense) of a complete matrix-tray changer unit.

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Matrix Tray Holder | 8 May, 2001

Yes Siemens has a fixed tray feeder for matrix trays. If I remember correctly the tray will occupy 1/2 of the table.The feeder is a two part system 1) is the base 2) the the flat tray (just like what is used in the waffle pack changer). the flat tray is interchangeable. Depending on the matrix tray you are using you may be able to double up matrix trays on one feeder. Contact your local Siemens rep or sales man for this.

Caldon W. Driscoll ACI USA 610-362-1200

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Matrix Tray Holder | 9 May, 2001

Hold it!!! Call Bob over at Tri-Metal Fabricators and ask him to make you one for about 10% of the price a fine OEM would charge. Might not a a fancy anodized finish, but at the end of the day, it'll hold yer trays just fine.

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Matrix Tray Holder | 10 May, 2001

If you get the price for the tray and holder from Siemens you will follow Dave's recommendation. To get the 0 point for the tray ( from where you measure the first pick position )you set up the tray on the 7th track ( type 51 ). After you sent the data to the station, go to test component and activate the cycle mode. Keep on pressing the start key until the IC head tries to pick the component from the tray. Mark this position on your custom made tray. Measure the distance from your marked position to the first component ( the first position is, facing the feeder table, pointing at you and to your left ). Enter the measured offset in the set up file. Note, + X is into the machine, -Y to your right! Please also note that once you assign a component into a tray in the set up file, the software assigns this component to a tray and you can not change the component ( you have to erase the tray and component together and start new ). Check out my manual Siplace for dummies at Stefan

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Matrix Tray Holder | 14 May, 2001

We had two 51 space trays. One was modified by machine shop to hold two waffle trays. We bought a 31 space tray thinking it would hold one tray, it doesn't. We modified it to hold one tray. We than learned, from tech support, that a 31 space base shoud hold one tray, just snap it into the base in place of the tray. We were not able to test this, since by this time the modification were done, but the number work out. Thing are working out well for us.

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Matrix Tray Holder | 14 May, 2001

You can make up a plate over lapping the tape exit guide and to the right up to the nozzle changer. It should hold three standard size Jedec trays. I used the bases of two old vibratory feeder.

No matter what you do, you should use strong magnets to hold the tray in place. If the head tries to pick an empty tray, it most likely ends up in a service call. Stefan

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