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Streckfuss EO14 wavesolder machine



Streckfuss EO14 wavesolder machine | 15 May, 2001


Is anyone out there familiar with this wavesolder or currently still use this equipment? I am in search of spare parts replacement due to Streckfuss Co is no longer support it.

Please e-mail to

Your help is greatly appreciated !


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Streckfuss EO14 wavesolder machine | 16 May, 2001

Similar to my response to your previous posting on this topic dated 5/8/01, things to try are: 1 Contact your non-supplier [Streckfuss] using the contact points at, obtain source drawings for components on your machine, and develop alternate suppliers. 2 Do a net search on "wave solder streckfuss". Call the companies that list Streckfuss wave solder machines in their capability statements and become friends. 3 Contact the used equipment brokers / resellers listed in the "SMTnet Company Listing" and buy spare parts. 4 Contact the used equipment brokers / resellers, as in suggestion in 3 above, and buy a second, backup machine that you can cannibalize. 5 Check with Streckfuss. They might be able to give you a lead on a machine that you can buy and cannibalize. 6 Contact the used equipment brokers / resellers, as in suggestion in 3 above, and buy a machine built by a company other than your current supplier. Use your current machine for a boat anchor. At the end-of-the-day, this could easily be your lowest total cost approach. [Some times a tough sell to bosses, though.]

I know nothing about your machine, the background about Streckfuss� discontinuance policy, your relationship with Streckfuss, or Streckfuss for that matter; but it seems curious that they would discontinue a machine and not support it for a reasonable period of time. Certainly we all have different impressions of what is a "reasonable period of time" and it�s possible that we�ve now reached the end of that "reasonable period of time", but on the surface of things, this doesn�t give me the "warm & fuzzies" about Streckfuss. [Maybe they should stick to wire strippers.]

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