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Flipchip & CSP.

Eric Chua


Flipchip & CSP. | 10 June, 2001

Our company is going to start building PCB with flipchip and CSP component. I'm now trying to get more information on the flipchip and CSP process. Because I'm still new to both (flipchip & CSP) and could like to have more information. Can anyone tell me where to get this information in the webside. As I know, flipchip need fluxing and underfill. What is the volume for fluxing and underfill and how to measure the flux as you know the flux is so light. For CSP, what to look for?

Please help, thanks.

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Flipchip & CSP. | 11 June, 2001

Go to the IPC website [] and buy "J-STD-012 - Implementation of Flip Chip & Chip Scale Technology".

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Brian Sloth Bentzen


Flipchip & CSP. | 14 June, 2001

Check out the articles on the subject on:

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