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Heat sinking delicate leaded parts

Clarissa Ortner


Heat sinking delicate leaded parts | 15 February, 2000

I am supposed to heatsink a Temp sensor with leads .9-1.1mm(.035--43"). I have found on our engineering units that the smallest heat sink I have found commercially is still too heavy for the leads and unless the operators use exxxxtreme care the weight alone of the tool twists the ribbon style leads. Just getting the heat sink clipped on causes damage. Has anyone heard of a microminiature device for small delicate parts. Or should I make something my self. If I made something my self. How would I know if it sinks heat the way it should with out spending gobs of $. TKS co

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Re: Heat sinking delicate leaded parts | 16 February, 2000

What is the package type? TO92, TO5...etc.

This temp. sensing device clips (mechanically) to the sink. And this requires a special tool? How about thermo bond heat sink compound? "output" by loc tite is the only flavor I can think of...There are other electronic grade adhesive compounds with very low thermal resistance values (silver or alumnium doped). I will make some assumptions... As far as determing the thermal dissipation a sensing device it has limits (assuming its a silicon detector) If it is operated out of SOA (safe operating area) it will sease to function to guaranteed limits. This can lead to malfunction and you don't want that! Therefore the first determination should be how hot does the heat sink you want to monitor get?

Some Engineering and consulting firms can do a temperature analysis using various test equipment...You migh try ETL (Edison Testing Laboratories).

Hope this helps.


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