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Pin & Paste on Thick PCBs


Pin & Paste on Thick PCBs | 15 June, 2001

Does anyone have knowledge or experience with Pin & Paste on boards that are .095" thick? The boards would have mixed technology, PTH, fine pitch, and BGAs. I did a search for this info and nothing touches on this particular subject, thicker boards. Everything I've read and our in-house experience tells me .062" thicknesses are ok, BUT, I will start to have problems with the thicker PCBs. I do not want to create a mess (higher repair) while trying to fix (cost reduction) the inconvience of stuffing parts and then wave soldering.

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Pin & Paste on Thick PCBs | 18 June, 2001

Dear Jack,

If you are trying to attach a connector - contact me offline or go to Teka offers a technology that deposits enoough solder volume on connectors for thicker PCB's.

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Pin & Paste on Thick PCBs | 18 June, 2001

It�s sometimes tough to put enough paste on the board before reflow to obtain half-way adequate hole fill with components on a 0.062 inch thick board. So, a 0.093 incher, um. Yano, a lot is determined by board lay-out and how you jigger your profile so not to leave any escapees on the board.

Places to find more information are: Amp connectors used to have some good stuff, but �

We bought a package from SMT Plus years ago. It had a little program that allowed you to play with apertures and hole fill. Oh, and remember, solder paste is 90% metal by weight and only 50% by volume.

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