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Career Center | 21 June, 2001

From the home page I clicked Sales Representive under New jobs. I was encouraged to see a job at SMTNet available but it being a 1999 posting I figured I was to late.

Can this be correctedto give the latest updated info?

Caldon W. Driscoll

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Michael Parker


Career Center | 21 June, 2001

To piggyback on CAL's suggestion to provide date of posting, or maybe to be able to sort ranges, I also feel that it would be good to include a geographic sort to narrow down the possibilities.

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Brian Doyle


Career Center | 22 June, 2001

Both are excellent suggestions. I'll look into why the 1999 post appeared at the top.

The other suggestions will be handled in a future revision.

Keep the feedback coming!

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StepBeyond John Myers


Career Center | 22 June, 2001

For fresh jobs in SMT world, including sales, see I have been recruiting in SMT since 1992 (Myers & Associates) Recently we relaunched StepBeyond. It was Myers & Associates' own job board. Now we have state of the art technology (like Monster, Headhunter etc.) BUT we are designed from the ground up for SMT/electronics/high tech jobs.

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