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SMT PCA to chassis reflow

Russ Roberts


SMT PCA to chassis reflow | 3 July, 2001

I am a Manufacturing Engineer working on a new bid. Please help with my question about a new process that I am unfamiliar with:

The Assy that we are quoting involves a SMT PCA that is soldered to an aluminum chassis. All surfaces of the chassis that are to be soldered are plated with NI, Cu, and Tin-Lead, so solderability is not an issue. The solder joints are hidden, and solder paste must be used. My problem will be at reflow process. The Assy is about 2.75" tall, and will not fit in my reflow oven. Assy has a round mounting flange (5" DIA), which would require the use of a fixture, and conveyor fingers. Can you suggest an oven for this reflow process?

Thank you for your advice,

Russ Roberts

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SMT PCA to chassis reflow | 4 July, 2001

I just rooted through an analysis that we did five or six years ago [so current it aint] and finally found the goods. We talked to Vitronic, Heller, Electrovert, IR, and Conceptronic. Only Electrovert had a 2.75" throat [rail to top of board clearance]. The rest were 1.5" er so.

So, have you started to think about running on the belt and jiggering the transition between the belt and conveyor? You'll not be the first. Burns-up linear floor space, tho. Bummer!!

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