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DFM REPORT | 3 July, 2001



DFM REPORT | 8 July, 2001


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DFM REPORT | 9 July, 2001

Very clever posting this thread on the SMTnet Site Support Forum.

As the previous poster implied ... WHAT????

Your question is unspecific. In the most basic sense ...

Design-For-"X" (DF"X"). The value-added service of instituting "best practices" in the design stage to improve "X", where "X" can be manufacturability, testability, serviceability, etc. DF"X" can include analysis of design documentation for production readiness and integrity, best selection of components for functionality, cost and availability, design for best manufacturing and assembly of PCBs and system, and design of best cost effective tests.

Also, consider checking the SMTnet Archives on * dfm. *dft. * design and manufacture. * etc. An example is:

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DFM REPORT | 10 July, 2001

I wonder if the author meant defect per million ( DPM )report.

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DFM REPORT | 12 July, 2001

Hear! Hear! Hark do we hear the ringing bell of the town crier?

DFM = design for manufacturability

covers PDCA cycle for prototype and practically anything that needs engineering (common sense inclined) review, under the glorious sunny radiant heat of Grandpa Sun...

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