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SMT Yields



SMT Yields | 14 February, 2000

If you would be so kind, I need some fundimental data for several sources. The question is, 'What is your SMT yeild directly after reflow?'

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Claude Couture


Re: SMT Yields | 16 February, 2000

Hi! We currently have less than 200ppm after reflow. Our products have practically no fine pitch, so it's easier to reach a low ppm.

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Michael H


Re: SMT Yields | 19 February, 2000

Hi What would be considered a reasonable benchmark when placing finepitch devices say 24, 15mill pitch devices avg 2000 joints and a total pad count of 6918.

I would be gratefull for any advice on this matter, also if anyone can recommend any real time software to monitor such a process. regards Michael H

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Re: SMT Yields | 19 February, 2000

...reasonable benchmark. 30 to 100DPMO is considered world class. All else? Well lets just call it "not-so-world-class". :)


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K. Ckak


Re: SMT Yields- Dean please explain-thanks. | 21 February, 2000

Hi Dean,

Can you please tell me how we could incorporate DPU to DPMO? Also, can you please explain the deviation factor DPU * deviation factor = DPMO ? Should we take dollar value or number of joints? Explain with calculations if you please. Thanks in advance.

Regards Kc.

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