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BGA Rework Equipment



BGA Rework Equipment | 24 July, 2001

I am looking for a BGA Rework machine that can handle 16" X 14" PCBA. I evaluated SRT 1100 and that it fit my application. The problem is I do not have budget for this machine.

Can anybody suggest equivalent machines???

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BGA Rework Equipment | 24 July, 2001

Consider being surprised if equivalent machines are less expensive. Air-Vac Engineering and Conceptronics make excellent machines.

Alternatives are: * Buy a used or demo SRT-1100. * Buy a SRT-1000. * Buy a machine that you can afford, and figure-out how to cob a larger bottom side heater on to it. * Revise your budget.

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BGA Rework Equipment | 25 July, 2001

I agree with Dave. Try to find a used Summit 1100 or 1000. They are good machines for boards of that size. You can always get it retro-fitted when/if you have more funds.

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BGA rework expert


BGA Rework Equipment | 25 July, 2001

A key factor is underside Pre Heater ----- Conceptronics makes the best in terms of IR Preheat----- Most machines have forced convection from the top and bottom --- the preheater is the key on larger more dense boards. Placement accuracy is also better with the Conceptronic as they have a rigid platform vs the SRT ---- Evaluate both machines before buying ----Test a wide ranage of boards.

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BGA Rework Equipment | 26 July, 2001

Hey, hey, hey !!!!

why do we always think of the BIG names, eh? give the underdog a chance, manz!

We evaluated the METCAL bga rework station, (they only have one model going, no worry, its loaded with smart innovations) we gave it thumbs up, 2 thumbs up actually, in retro-comparision to other machines :)

METCAL also have soldering irons, that have this interesting point, of needing NO CALIBRATION....???..... (am still abit apprehensive verification yet)

Anyone else who gets a unit quote, can share the going market-rate with me? mebbe share P.O info with us? *nyak* scale of economics, you understand eh? *wink*

go inquire at : http :

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BGA Rework Equipment | 26 July, 2001


Try looking into the Sniper SMD-7007. We use it and it's pretty effective. They come with standard 16x12" CCA holders but they are larger sizes available as an option. The system costs about $35k. See attached web URL:

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