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Feeders' historical record/ tracking database



Feeders' historical record/ tracking database | 26 July, 2001

How do you guys monitor your feeder's history/record. Is there any database available in the market to keep track feeders in your line such as caliration's due date, last calibration dates etc. ( basically the historical data for individual tracking). Now the practice in my place is, when there is a problem, then the technician will take it and calibrate. I'm sure you guys know how critical it has to be when it comes to 0402 pick-up.

I'm trying to design the database for the tracking. The information that I planned to include in are Serial Number, calibration date, Due date ( which will prompt automatically one week before due date ), x-offset, y-offset, technician's name and remarks ( which will include is there any part change or not ). What are other important things taht you guys think missing here. Inputs are welcome. Thanx in advance.


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Dave G


Feeders' historical record/ tracking database | 26 July, 2001

We put a barcode on each feeder & machine that is used to track the maintenance history of that feeder & machine. A simple Symbol Technologies barcode scanner is used with a pc to scan the BC. This is used to access a database that shows when & what type of service was performed on that pc of equip. We use a pc of SW from Data Trak that is actually geared more for factory/vehicle maintenance but, it worked out pretty well. Several other software companies sell preventative maintenance scheduling/inventory tracking software packages as well. Basically we consider each feeder to be a unique pc of equip that has it's own pm schedule. Our techs run a report once a week that shows which SM machines/feeders that need PM. They pull spare feeders to replace the ones on the floor that need PM. They usually only pull what they can finish in a day to minimize the # of feeders out of service. This ensures that not only are the feeders checked but we can track performance as well. If a feeder goes bad on the floor a w/o is generated to fix it and that becomes part of that feeder's permanent record. We use this for every pc of equipment in our facility so that we can track the downtime,$,and the productivity of each pc of equipment.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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Feeders' historical record/ tracking database | 28 July, 2001

Thanx Dave G. I will try to get infomation on the Data Trak SW. thanx again.

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Feeders' historical record/ tracking database | 1 August, 2001

Hi Dave G,

What is the estimated Price for the complete database. Don't have to be accurate. I was trying to get our IT to help in designing the basic database for feeders' tracking but, now they hv asked me to write ROI, I have a real bad headache in writing ROI report for the request. I don't know what to write and don't undestand why they need the ROI for. It is of intangible, rite ? The best is to hv the Database vs time spent by the System Analys. Your feedback is very much appreciated.


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Feeders' historical record/ tracking database | 3 August, 2001

tell ur IT guys, to stop the bulls**t!!!

how u gonna write em, a ROI, when they haven't done THEIR job, of designing the system, and if em hav't design the system, how is anyone gonna know, how much money + manhours was spent, to complete the IT project?

and if the basic (manhours+money) costings isn't done yet, how is anyone gonna know what budget is required?

as u gotta x-ref the budget requirement & invested, into your ROI equation!!! abt jumping the gun!

say, Analogy: (me like em now....*grinz*...)

u drive a big shinny lorry up to the gate, the guard tells u need a gate pass, before u can drive ur big shinny lorry, into the factory premises, and make ur scheduled Goods delivery, to the customer who is expecting ur Goods....

problem is mebbe the guard ran out of gate passes, so he tells you that he aint gonna let u in, without a gate pass, as its his arse on the line, if he lets u in without a gate pass, and in provision u run amok, and become a public disorder to the premsies, the premises management will have, to write up a long long report, why a bullet was sacrificed to end your public disorder....

thing is he aint gonna tell u, he ran out of gate passes, coz the gate passes were passed to his pals, who have sneaked into the premsies, to conduct some rough necking with the warehouse store gals....

so what does he do? possible course of action, he wwill tell u so-n-so document, you handed to the guard ain't in order, pls come bakc later, after yoy verify or make, the appropriate corrections....

but which documents are wrong? the guard ain't sayin......

You make the frantic calls to your office clarks, and they swear to HIM, your documents are in order, and the customer is bugged, why r your delivery Goods late?

You and the guard spend some time, trying to exercise your lungs, and compare vocals....

In the end, the guard tells u, u don have an invoice, so he won't let u in.....

That sounds like a relief, but...wait'ta'minute.... invoice? that comes after you deliver the Goods, get your own D.O signed, and the customer store, gives the invoice for u, to relay to ur company admin.clerks.....

what the hell is goin on??!! damm guards!

sounds like your situation, eh?

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Feeders' historical record/ tracking database | 3 August, 2001

Why not use the same calibration tracking, recording, and problem resolution system that you use for other calibratable production equipment, like meters, scopes, and programable controllers? If you have a reasonable quality system, then the tools you need are already in-place.

If not, Quality Magazine [] is rift with adverts for such software.

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Dave G


Feeders' historical record/ tracking database | 3 August, 2001

In our case the aforementioned SW is our Calibration Database. This SW covers everything in the facility incl support assets such as compressors. -- Don't be too quick to jump to conclusions w/o asking for detail 1st.

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