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Masking Gold Finger

Ashok Dhawan


Masking Gold Finger | 11 February, 2000

I am looking for a Masking tape for Gold fingers on a PCB . It should not leave any residue on reflow soldering ( 220 deg c).

Currently, I am using Kapton tape with Silicon adhesive. It is leaving minute quantities of residue? The fingers are along edge of board. Comes in panel form. Length of fingers( adjoining PCBs)is 4 mm wide with tape width 6-8 mm. Since the board need to be printed, cannot use thick stuff.

Any idea on masking materail?

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Chris McDonald


Re: Masking Gold Finger | 11 February, 2000

You can get a better Kapton tape (you must be using the cheap stuff) that leaves no residue. If that fails then you can get edge maskers that slide overtop of the finger and they are reusable. Or you could get a solder pallet made for the assemblies if you run high volumes. About 200-300 for a good wave pallet will save you money in the long run.

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