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Fuji cp6 placement issues

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Fuji cp6 placement issues | 7 June, 2015

Hello everyone, I'm looking for help with placement issue on our cp6 Fuji. On occasion we have to adjust co ordinates on the x and y axis usually about 0.12mm. Ball screw was replaced did not fix issue. Anything else we could try. Thanks everyone

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Fuji cp6 placement issues | 10 June, 2015

The published Fuji CP6 placing accuracy specification is plus/minus .1mm

I would say that your machine is running just fine.

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Fuji cp6 placement issues | 11 June, 2015

Sr Tech. Thanks for reply, We don't have the same issue with other cp6, was wondering was there anything else we could check?. Thanks again.

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Fuji cp6 placement issues | 11 June, 2015


The amount of error that you are describing is about the thickness of a human hair. Unless you are placing 0201's I can't understand why .12 is an issue.

There are many factors that can effect placement accuracy on a CP6

For instance:

1. Machine level 2. Z-origin 3. X-Y-Z table flatness 4. Vacuum 5. Nozzle condition 6. Windmill condition 7. Placing shaft condition

The list goes on...

Again, I do not think .12mm is anything to be worried about. If you want your machine in absolute tip top shape, you will need to run PAM. That will help identify mechanical issues. Unless you have experience with this, you will need to hire Fuji (not sure if they still support CP6) or an aftermarket Fuji service company.

This will become costly.

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Fuji cp6 placement issues | 11 June, 2015

Think you right, not enough to be worried about. Thanks for all your help.

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