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Gold contact cleaning machine

Kris W


Gold contact cleaning machine | 10 February, 2000

Hi All,

We are in the process of converting from RMA solder paste to no-clean process across the shop. This will allow me to carry my semi-aqueous cleaner out of the building and set it ablaze using the terpenes as the fire water. Then I can go about the task of repairing the damage to the concrete flooring under the relic.

Sorry, I strayed... I am looking for a machine, that I saw at a customer facility, that cleans the gold contact fingers on memory modules after processing and depaneling to remove possible splattered (or more likely fingerprints) flux residues. This particular machine had rotating brushes that wicked solvent from a tank underneath. The brushes scrubbed the contacts by simply sliding the module through the "groove" and the brushes, then through a groove with a dryer cloth of some sort. It operated like a credit card swiper.

I know that I shouldn't have flux residues on the gold contacts in a properly controlled process, but we all know that "accidents" happen. Plus, one of my customers heavily recommends a contingency plan for flux on the contacts.

I appreciate any help I can get in this matter, and once again, thanks,


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