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SMT Additive Process

Dennis VanBuren


SMT Additive Process | 25 January, 2000

We are integrating an "Additive Process" on one of our boards - incorporating numerous mod wires, cuts, and new component placements. Some of the new runs pass next to fine pitch devices and will require stencil modifications to accommodate the Additive trace. Has anyone had any experiences with this technology (positive or negative)? Specifically, stencil modifications, new pads, fine pitch considerations, and etc.

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Re: SMT Additive Process | 26 January, 2000

Dennis: We stepped stencils on the board side to accomidate additive jumpers. They work fine. The steps are not close enough to affect fine pitch devices.

Please describe how the stencil is sffected in the area of your FP devices.

Dave F

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