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Problems with e-mail


Problems with e-mail | 15 January, 2000

It has been a while, but I like the new look. One problem I cannot get my e-mail. Please look in to it.


Drop me a line when done

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Stefano Bolleri


Re: Problems with e-mail | 17 January, 2000

Same problem for me. I'm a registered user, but when I fill out the "login" box, I get back to the main page as nothing had happened. And of course, not even the link to the e-mail section. I had problems like that in the past, due to not accepting cookies on my PC. If that's the problem, I will continue to have problems with that, and maybe others as well.

Bye, SB

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Re: Problems with e-mail | 17 January, 2000

As a result of our recent upgrade, we are having trouble logging in users who don't except cookies. We are working to fix this problem as quickly as possible, but there is a way you can make it work in the meantime, if you wish. Simply go to your browser options and select "accept cookies". If you want to try this and need further instructions, please email me.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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Re: Problems with e-mail | 18 January, 2000

Also try deleting your SMTnet cookies. I believe there may be a problem with the cookie itself.

We also may force a user wide logout, in order to make sure that everyone's cookie is ok. By doing that, we would automatically delete the cookie on your machine and then recreate it.

I'll post a notification when or if we will do that.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Cliff

Also, mail can be accessed independently of, by going to: or

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Re: Problems with e-mail | 18 January, 2000

I have found that when I first bring up and haven't yet logged into email, it gives me nada when I do. But if I then leave email w/o logging off, when I go back it works fine. Strange, but true........

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Re: Problems with e-mail | 20 January, 2000

After some serious digging I have found and fixed the error that kept anyone who didn't accept cookies from getting their email. Everone should be able to access their email now.

Thanks for your patience.


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