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PCB Design software | 12 January, 2000

I am currently researching CAD and am currently looking at CAD for PCB design. I would be greatful if you could help me by listing some of the major packages used in the industry.

Many thanks,


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Re: PCB Design software | 13 January, 2000

Garth: Look at:

* Buyers' guide and speed and feature tables on * Beau coup eda links on

Good luck

Dave F

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Re: PCB Design software | 16 January, 2000


Thanks Dave F.

Those links provided some good information.. Still hunting for stuff though. Does anyone know if there is a top 20 list or something, so far I have a huge list of CAD suppliers but no way of working out which ones are commonly used.. any info would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance,


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Re: PCB Design software | 18 January, 2000

Hi there;

CAD s/w and h/w are very expensive investment these day's , exspecially for EDA(Electronic Design Automation).Since that many of the CAD data is not compatible to each other format then it is very important that they choose the right one.However there are a few factor that they must consider carefully when selecting these tools:-

1)Your budget, CAD s/w maybe cheap but h/w might be very expensive or the other way round (i.e a HP , Sun etc) 2)The product that you're going to do layout with the s/w (i.e Analog , digital, Analog and digital mix or you were planning to do some hi-tech design in future using blunt via's buried res/caps etc).Some CAD s/w may not be the suitable layout tools for each category of work you might be doing. 3)Look for the most stable CAD s/w that is available.Some CAD s/w has many bug's and when ever there is trouble the CAD supplier's would ask you to ugrade (for the reason of bug fixing) and so at the end of the day we are being "force" by these vendor to buy up all their s/w maintainace contract! 4)Training skill - how long would it take to trained your staff ? Some s/w might take longer time to be trained.

The above are the most important item's to be consider if you're going to implement a successful CAD installation at your site.

I hope this is helping.


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