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ENTEK boards



ENTEK boards | 12 January, 2000

I'm about to start building an ENTEK coated board for the first time. This board is a double sided board and I will be using Kester R598 water soluble paste. I searched the archives and read about watching my profile to ensure my flux doesn't burn off too soon and the need to populate both sides in a short amount of time. But, is there anything other suggestions or comments that I should a aware of? Larry

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KS Wong


Re: ENTEK boards | 20 January, 2000

Larry, My lines are running ENTEK boards all the while. Currently, we used Kester R-252 solder paste. We found voids! Now we are evaluating the Alpha Metal UP78-M. I've been told that the better flux due solve the voids problem, especially when performing the rework/touch up. I can recommand Alpha Metal LR725.


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