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Jim Schultz


tombstones | 12 January, 2000

I need your help. I have been battleing tombstoned 0603 resistors for many months now. I have been working on the profile, the placement accuracy of the chipshooter, and the print accuracy. I am writing in the hopes that someone out there has some design guidelines to help minimize tombstoned components.

Please e-mail me.


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Re: tombstones | 12 January, 2000

Jim, This is probably the most popular subject on the forum. It shows up every few weeks. You should have a blast checking through the archives. Have Fun.

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Re: tombstones | 13 January, 2000

Jim, Yes this does keep on coming up in the forum as JAX states. There is a pluther of information in the archives. I have had some problems with 0603's in the past. If it is possible, try using a 2% silver SN62 solder paste. This helped me in many situations but is limited by the product and customer requirements. I was using SN62 from OMG metals.

Good Luck


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Shravan Jumani


Re: tombstones | 22 January, 2000


I am working with O2O1's, and I have found that a combination of No clean flux with Air Reflow, reduces tombstoning, wheras, a combination of No clean flux and Air increases it. Have you or anyone else experienced this? If you have any answers or suggestions, it would be a great help to me.


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