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Information requested

Prawin Paulraj


Information requested | 11 January, 2000

Hello, I would like to request some information regarding the interfacing of SMT machines. i am of the understanding that it involves some interfaces like SMEMA 1.1,1.2 and SMPI. I would like to know more about the interfacing of machines using these different protocols. I am also of the understanding that there are certain boxes which do the SMPI to SMEMA conversions and so on. I am requesting some information on the various standards and the types of commercial converter boxes available for conversion. I would greatly appreciate your early response. Thank you

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Prawin Paulraj


Re: interfacing SMT Machines | 17 January, 2000

i would like some information about interfacing SMT machines of varying standards(SMEMA,SMPI). i Would like to know as to how to interface machines using different standards thank you

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Re: interfacing SMT Machines | 17 January, 2000

Here's what I know about SMEMA and SMPI:

SMEMA: An organization within IPC focusing on defining physical and computer protocol interface between production machines. Most equipment suppliers design their machines to physically meet SMEMA requirements and provide necessary hardware and software interface meets. A definition of these requirements is:


Good luck in your search.

Dave F

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