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DFM/DFT | 11 January, 2000


Can anyone forward me some technical info. on DFM/DFT, and on IPC STANDARDS/MIL-STANDARDS for PCB designing and fabrication?

Thanks in advance. regards... Abbas

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Re: DFM/DFT | 11 January, 2000


Sources of information on DFM/DFT are:

� "SMTnet Express" articles on DFM by Earl Moon � IPC-D-279, 'Design Guidelines for Reliable Surface Mount Technology Printed Board Assemblies' � Books in SMTnet and SMTA book stores � Other examples are:

Manufacturing (DFM) -------------------

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Design for Testability (DFT) ----------------------------

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Donlin, Mike, Adopting New DFT Tools Still Calls for Caution, Computer Design, April 1995, pp. 47-54.

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PCB Design References --------------

The Design & Drafting of Printed Circuits, 2nd. ed. Darryl Lindsey, McGraw-Hill, 1982, ISBN 0-07-037844-4

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PCB References - SMT --------------------

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Flexible Circuits -----------------

Handbook of Flexible Circuits, Ken Gilleo, ed., Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992, ISBN 0-442-00168-1.

PCB Construction / Materials ----------------------------

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Design for the Environment (DFE) / Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) -------------------------------------------------------------------

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Re: DFM/DFT | 11 January, 2000

Dave ,

A great deal of info. provided by you !!!

Many many thanks..../ abbas

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Re: DFM/DFT | 11 January, 2000

Dave, Are you sure you gave him enough information?????

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Re: DFM/DFT | 11 January, 2000

JAX: I didn't hold-out!!! Honest, I gave him everything. OK, OK, I'll come clean, I didn't suggest doing a web search. Does that count?

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IPC/MIL STANDARDS | 11 January, 2000


With same hand, Can you give me some references/readilly available info. on IPC/MIL standards for PCB design,fabrication and assembly.Web searching is little bit tough job to me specially.

Thanks in advance / Abbas

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Re: IPC/MIL STANDARDS | 12 January, 2000

Hi Abbas,

Dave gave you a lot of sources which cover I think almost all topics in this field. Like in a search function if you are interested in specific topics could you please specify what you are interested in so that ones knows what answer could satisfy your needs best. It�s sometimes hard to guess what would be of any help if the question is to general. For example: Pad design = IPC 782 or look for the online-calculator at the IPC page

hear from you


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Re: IPC/MIL STANDARDS | 13 January, 2000


For IPC specs: Go to For MIL specs: Go to

Good luck

Dave F

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Re: DFM/DFT | 14 January, 2000

Hi Dave and Wolfgang Busko,

Thanks for your response. I am getting what I wanted to with your references.

Thank you very much/ Abbas

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