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x-ray systems

g cronin


x-ray systems | 5 January, 2000

i am planning on implementing a new bga assembly and would like to have an x-ray system on hand during this process. I know that Glenbrook rents x-ray systems but the price is more per month than i would cost me to send out each PCB individually. Does anyone know of any other rental sytems or any local x-ray systems available in the new england area.

thanks all greg

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Phil B


Re: x-ray systems | 5 January, 2000

Hi Greg,

I have the same problem over here in Belgium. I have been looking to rent an X-ray but for the moment I only found Glenbrook as a possible source. So I would be very interested if you find any alternative. Furthermore I am also interested in possible subcontractors to sent the boards out to. Do you have any firms you have already contacted. I know of to companies that can do that for me, both in Germany, namely Feinfocus and Phoenix Xray. Please let me know if you know of other people doing this kind of work. You can reach me by e-mail :

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Re: x-ray systems | 5 January, 2000

Yins, In low volume applications, using X-ray for BGA mounting process control is:

1 Very expensive approach, as you've stated. 2 Requires beaucoup operator training and interpretation of results. Which is double bad, because of the intermittent nature of jobs.

Two alternatives are:

1. Look at the "ERSAScope" from ERSA (duh). They have a site with great, but slow loading images. If you can't find it, use a different search engine. ;-) Yell, I'll find it. 2. As a low cost x-ray inspection, I list: LIXI 1438 Brook Dr Downers Grove, IL 60515 630-620-4646 Fax 7776 I know nothing about them. There should be sources for contract x-ray imaging in the SMTnet archives. Most were state-side, as I recall. Sorry Phil. Fein does a good job tho.

Good luck

Dave F

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Re: x-ray systems | 5 January, 2000

We've recently purchased a Nicolet Imaging System. There are several brands on the market and some alternatives. From our research we found that you basically get what you pay for. I would plan on spending from 30k to 60k for a good quality system. You don't want to spend 30 k and find out you reauired the features of a 60k system. Our machine cost around 80k and we are very happy with it. Don't miss Nepcon to see what is available on the market.

We provide subcontract services for X-Ray inspections if you require. We are also planning on putting together a mobile X-Ray & BGA Rework Van to provide on site services to companies in the Silicon Valley area.

I am interested to hear if anyone would be interested in a mobile X-Ray unit that can be rented by the day, week, or month when required, rather than purchasing a unit if you only need it intermittently.

Check out our web site for pricing and other information.

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Jeff Ferry


Re: x-ray systems | 6 January, 2000


Check out Circuit Technology Center in Haverhill MA. We have 3 Air Vac BGA Rework systems and 1 Nicolet X-ray system. We offer either\or BGA rework services and X-Ray services.

You can get a little more info at

Jeff Ferry Circuit Technology Center Haverhill, MA and Fremont, CA

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Peter Loten


Re: x-ray systems | 10 November, 2000

Try They run a quick turnaround, low cost service in the UK. CR Technology may do the same in the US. Both have Hi Quality Software for results interpretation. Also worth considering Hirox BGA Inspection systems at

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