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pressfit connector



pressfit connector | 4 January, 2000

We are to use a special pressfit connector. Indeed, one side of the connector is overmoulded in a housing, and the other side will be pressfitted on a board. We would like to know: 1) Are such applications yet existing ? 2) What are the type of insertion controls used (methods & available machines), 3) In the future, lead will be forbidden. What kind of finishing will be available for pressfit ? Is an internationnal standard existing ? Regards,


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Re: pressfit connector | 4 January, 2000

The following site may be interesting for you:

Good luck


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Re: pressfit connector | 7 January, 2000

This is a common type of connector. We press them in daily.

AMP has a lot of different type of tools and machines available for connectors.

We just use a local machine shop to make jigs that fit a standard 2 ton press. It is quicker and les costly.

Contact me if you would like some input on how we make our jigs. I also have the AMP catalog that list their available equipmet.

Regards, Dennis D. O'Donnell Vice President Precision PCB Services, Inc.

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