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Information Request



Information Request | 23 November, 1999

I am involved with PCB Design and Layount.

I am thinking on investing in a low/mid volume PCB assembly facility.

I am interested in reading positive and negative releted issues for starting up.

My local shops do not give me too much help, they know me and know of my intentions.

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Re: Information Request | 23 November, 1999

Edgar, Check the Archives, there was someone else a while back who posed this type of question. I'm sure Dave F with his wealth of knowledgs will be able to tell you the thread name. Seems to me that the consensus was, that to enter this market you needed to find a niche and do something unusual. Contact manufacturing is a cut throat business.

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Re: Information Request | 26 November, 1999

Hi Edgar, we had a similar thread in summer this year on this forum. Not in particular focusing on every detail of this topic but more of a philosphical view of some aspects of your intentions. Positive: It�always good doing new things. Combination of design and assembly in one hand should result in better products. Seems there is a lack of shops ( good ones I mean) around your area.

Negative: It�s not done easy. Either you are good or you have some good people to start. You need a lot of money if you are starting from zero.

I think it�s almost impossible to start from zero. The best business developes step by step or you have some millions, get the best guys and let them shop and play a little, that would be nice and with good advertisement and marketing paying back later, maybe.

Good luck Wolfgang

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