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Re: MRP Software

Jim Trent


MRP Software | 19 November, 1999

I would like to know what MRP software packages work best for electronics contract manufacturing. If anyone could help me here it would be extremely helpful.


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Re: MRP Software | 23 November, 1999


Do you know what you need out of an MRP system? I may be able to help point you in the right direction. Feel free to call or email if you want more information.

Dan CircuitCAM Software (215)646-5535

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Scott Cook


Re: MRP Software | 24 November, 1999


If you seek a non-Unix or non-Unix legacy software system, Take a look at pointman / pivot point. Point your browser to

Scott Cook

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Re: MRP Software | 30 November, 1999

Most MRP systems stink, because they do not understand that we buy a part made by a specific manufacturer from a distributor. They let you buy a part from a distributor, but they make it difficult to specify the distributors supplier.


Dave F

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Dan Perkins


Re: MRP Software | 23 December, 1999

Jim, is a pretty good website. Section on disrete manufacturing and also good overview of the ERP industry.



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