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Moisture Sensitive devices



Moisture Sensitive devices | 19 November, 1999


I'm looking for information on moisture sensitive devices for our trainer's to use when explaining the concept to new recruit's. There seem's to be load's and load's of info available to ESD but very little for MSD, so I thought I'd ask the world or rather the expert's, that's you guy's by the way!.

So where can I get info / video's / posters and such on the subject.


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Bob Smith


Re: Moisture Sensitive devices | 19 November, 1999

Hi John,

I don't know of any posters etc. but specs. are available free on-line at for classification, time out of packaging before baking is required, bake times & temperatures.

My understanding is that it only causes a problem if the device is flow soldered after it has absorbed a certain percentage of water. If it has been out of the hermetic packaging too long, you just bake the moisture out and flow it within the specified time period.


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Re: Moisture Sensitive devices | 26 November, 1999

I found a good help in reading the app.note: HANDLING OF MOISTURE SENSITIVE PLASTIC PACKAGES free downlodable from:

The document is clear, and I believe is simple enough for a basic course. That's all.

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Michelle Ogihara


Re: Moisture Sensitive devices | 29 November, 1999

Hello John,

Lots of hints and info can be found on Intel's site:

Hope this helps. Regards, Michelle.

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