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vapor phase reflow

Steve Z


vapor phase reflow | 17 November, 1999


I am new to the SMT area and I need to know what a "good" vapor phase reflow profile should look like. The fluids we are using have a BP of 45 C and 219 C.


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Graham Naisbitt


Re: vapor phase reflow | 19 November, 1999


If you can get me your snail-mail address, I will send you some latest information.

We actually have a totally new system called Delta 5. It is Condensation Soldering rather than Vapour phase, the difference being that we solder in an air tight chamber so that there are NO heat transfer fluid(HTF)losses.

We can also provide HTF's at 5 degree C increments from 180 to 250 deg C.

Let me know if you want more.

Regards, Graham Naisbitt

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