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Video monitor


Video monitor | 10 January, 2001

We have an old Conceptronic oven (Discovery Mark IV) which we use in the glue process. The video monitor just died. This is a 11 year old oven with a Goldstar model 1420 PLUS monitor. There are no specs in the manual and Conceptronic is not much help. I'm looking for a used monitor, same brand and model or equivalent, or any info about the specs so that I can replace it. I looked at the video card, it is a "UNITRON U3957V7", with a DB9 connector (female). Yes, I tried "modern" video monitors, all I get are multi-colored zig zags.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Video monitor | 10 January, 2001

Hello Claude Its likely, by the DB9 and the age, that this is an EGA monitor. This is a a predecessor to today's VGA. A few ideas: TV store or monitor repair facility to fix the old one. Outside of the CRT or flyback transformer they are generally fixable. Swap meet, flea market, surplus store. These have the value of a doorstop so don't pay much. Go to and search for EGA monitor. You'll find something. Since you apparently have a separate video card you could probably change it out and use a VGA monitor. Good luck

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Re: Video monitor | 10 January, 2001

If John's suggestions don't work, try: * Computer & Monitor Maintenance 6649 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Ste N-1 Norcross, GA 30092 770-242-0500 Chuck Miller * Jerry Christopher 1119 South St. Dalton, MA 01226 413-684-3821

Sorry they're not located better, but they may have some suggestions to help you avoid shipping costs, if that's an issue.

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Re: Video monitor | 19 January, 2001

Hi John! Found one in the local flea market. Made in 1987 and picture looks like new! Amazing!

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