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ORBOTECH vs. VISCOM | 12 November, 1999

We are looking for AOI for post solder inspection with short setup times for high mix assembly. Also the solder joint of J-Lead components should be inspected.

We found two suppliers for such systems, Orbotech and Viscom.

Can anyone help us to determine which of both is the best solution? Is there any other company we should have a look on?


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Re: ORBOTECH vs. VISCOM | 17 November, 1999

I have had an Orbotech VT-8000 running in-line for almost a year and have been very pleased. The VT-8000 does everything the application engineers say it can do. The support and honesty provided by the Orbotech staff is outstanding. I talked to Viscom prior to purchasing our system. The two systems are very similar. At the time, the main factors in my decision to go with Orbotech were that Viscom had no systems in the US and had just started to open a US office. I don't beleive they had any application engineers trained in the US. Also, the Viscom philosophy at the time was that Viscom would program into the system what was a good solder joint and what was a bad solder joint. I think this attitude could lead to excessive false calls and does not allow enough flexability for a low volume, high mix contractor. The Orbotech system allows maximum flexability. This is a double edged sword because it also requires you to learn and apply this extra level of flexability.

Best of luck.

Wade Oberle

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Re: ORBOTECH vs. VISCOM | 6 March, 2000

Michael, The infomation you recieved by Wade is incorrect. Viscom infact does have over 15 systems in the USA and also has a full staff of Engineers.


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