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HTI Auto Print Screen Printers



HTI Auto Print Screen Printers | 9 January, 2001

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who is still using the HTI AutoPrint Screen Printers who might be willing to share technical support information.

We are having trouble with the machine "finding the stencil" and were wondering if anyone else has experienced it and what your fix was. We are thinking limit switch problems or sensor problems, but to no avail.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


Ron Williams

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Re: HTI Auto Print Screen Printers | 10 January, 2001

Yo! first, lemme ask whether you refer the problem to HTI service engineers ? What was their reply? Can't they help you? Well when I was with a certain company in Singapore, we got an HTI Semi-Automatic was bought at about 1994 and it was 1998 when one major problem occured....The Power Supply Gave Up!...We tried to inquire from HTI for a New Power Supply but only to learn that they no longer sell spare parts of our printer. Now we got an HT-7 printer from HTI...we got one of its Mount Plate damaged......slight the screw thread become worn...we tried to purchase a replacement part from HTI....they sent us the part but the problem is has the same part number but dimensions were short they are not useable with our HT-7. We contacted the distributor and they said that they contacted HTI but HTI said that they no longer sell the parts for our HT-7....most of their parts are only for their new products.....Too Bad ! So what we did is that we just had the mount plate locally fabricated.

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