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Wave soldering vertical mini-dins

John Burris


Wave soldering vertical mini-dins | 8 November, 1999

Having a big problem waving these puppies, hope someone can help. I've got an 8 pin mini-din connector (like a PS/2 connector with two more pins) that has two mounting pins on each side. During wave, at least half the lot has shorts from the ground pins to some of the other pins. No patterns seem to emerge, shorts are random.

I've got my process under control, dross removed before the start of each run, shorts are random and don't vary with environmental changes, connectors and boards have good ionic levels, sealed in packages beforehand, etc. everything looks OK, but still I short (at least this #$%*! connector does). I've even tried cutting the pins down, but that just resulted in all the pins shorting every which-way.

Mfg. is no help, the names the've given us end up either wanting to sell us something, or they just hand solder the thing (not an option for me - using about 1K of these things a week).

If anyone is using a similar connector, please respond back to me via email, and share what things you've done.

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robert oertner


Re: Wave soldering vertical mini-dins | 17 November, 1999

Sounds like you are running your conveyor too fast. Check your profile and see if your board is getting hot enough "max 125c on topside prior to hitting the wave. If so then slow it down, if not then increase your preheats and slow it down.

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