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Translation Software



Translation Software | 9 January, 2001

It is my assignment to evaluate the translation software on the market today for my company. I'm seeking the input(positives and negitives) from experience engineers that have used one or more current products to generate placment programs. Listed here are some types, but thy should not limit your answers: Fabmaster, FleiCam, Unicam, Circuit Cam, GC-Place. All information will be appreciated. Thank You,

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Re: Translation Software | 9 January, 2001

Charlie, You might want to take a look at Valor. They have Package naming based on JEDEC/EIA standards already cataloged on an SQL-based library. Although the software takes you through the entire process of Data integration through Machine optimization it is well worth it. I don�t believe they completely work with Siemens yet, but I don�t know of any second party product that does. This is also good software to use for DFM. You can get more in-depth information at VALOR.COM. You can probably even get them to help you convert all your existing file formats over.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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Brian W


Re: Translation Software | 12 January, 2001

Fabmaster is Unicam is Tecnomatix now. Tecnomatix bought both Unicam and Fabmaster in the past couple of years. Their software is good. You can also try Cimbridge from GENRAD, CircuitCam. Valor has a very good DFM module.

Each one has pros and cons, but all can help you get your CAD/Gerber data into placement programs and documentation.

I have used or seen used the Tecnomatix/Unicam/Fabmaster and the CImbridge software used in production. Both are excellent, giving ease of use and flexibility.


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Translation Software | 13 January, 2001


I belive that the Valor Genesis 2000 application is what you are looking for. It reads many different formats and is very forgiving with messy data.

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Re: Translation Software | 15 January, 2001

Here�s my opinion

PanaPro (Panasonic): good balancing/optimization, very easy to setup and use, quick good results, not so good support for third party machines(optimization), Timestamps for balancing/optimization is quite accurate. Cad-conversion? Possibility to upload and refresh data from the machines.

Cimbridge (third party): Easy to use, difficult to set up new machinetypes , it leaves a lot to wish for when it comes to flexibility surrounding flexible setups. Good Cad conversion.

FujiCam (Tecnomatix-Unicam)(Fuji): Not so easy to work with, You�ll need to know quite alot of the machines to be able to utilize the software properly. Optimization is pretty good but I�d wish for more input from the Tecnomatix side (Balancing-Optimizing). Timestamps for balancing/optimization is extremely accurate for chipshooters (Too bad though that they can�t use it perfectly when balancing components,yet) Cad conversion is very good.

Best regards Mattias

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Translation Software | 15 January, 2001

I think everyone is getting a head of himself or herself. Before you consider any answer you must at least tell us what machine you are trying to program. There is no need to buy the best software and spend top dollar if you are running a GSP1, CP3 and quad type of machines. Tell me what machines you have and we can help determine the best software package for your needs.

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