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Jeff Kennedy


SERA and ROSA | 5 November, 1999

Anyone have information on the ROSA Technique? It is a derivative of the SERA analysis for solder-ability on pads, (they are not italian sisters)I belive the techniques were developed by Rockwell and Motorola.

thanks in advance. JKK

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Re: SERA and ROSA | 8 November, 1999

Reduced Oxide Soldering Activation is an electrochemical method of restoring the solderability of surfaces. Searching the archives of IPC technet and this forum will reveal more details. John Thorup

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Re: SERA and ROSA | 9 November, 1999

Jeff: Try this:

ROSA. John�s spot on. I�ll add that it is a fluxless method that reduces the oxides in an aqueous solution. Another source of information is: Trench, M., Hillman, D., Lucey, G., "Environmentally Friendly Closed Loop Soldering," 1993 International CFC And Halon Alternatives Conference, Washington, DC. ROSE. Resistivity of Solvent Extract. A non-destructive technique contamination measurement technique that washes a IPA / DI water solution over a board and compares the resistivity of the solution to an equivalent NaCl solution to estimate ionic material. SERA. Sequential Electrochemical Reduction Analysis. A non-destructive technique that characterizes solderability, surface metal oxides, and intermetallics. SERA looks at surface oxidation in a much more user friendly manner that SEM or Auger.

Good luck

Dave F

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