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parts for Fuji- CP-IV3

Avichai ramot


parts for Fuji- CP-IV3 | 9 January, 2001


I need a part for CP-IV3. can enyone help me find the part ergently. THE PART IS: H1068Z pcd2413-02-D24SP VALVE SOLENOID "KURRODA"


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Re: parts for Fuji- CP-IV3 | 10 January, 2001

Hi Try the Swedish Fuji Rep. Cyncrona. They currently have 1 pcs in stock. Adress: Mats Kampenborg Spare parts Cyncrona AB (PCB Assembly & Test Division) Tomtbergav�gen 2 145 67 NORSBORG SWEDEN Phone: +46-(0)8 531 943 00 Fax: +46-(0)8 531 943 10

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