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Computer Integrated Manufacturing



Computer Integrated Manufacturing | 1 November, 1999

I am hunting for information relating to Computer Integrated Manufacturing. I know of FabMaster and CIMCIS however I am interested in finding information on other systems available.

Any lead/information appreciated.

Thanks Nick

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Mark Anderson


Re: Computer Integrated Manufacturing | 1 November, 1999

Also look at GenRad. They offer the complete line of Assembly Programming, Test Development, SCADA, and MES software. Also there is UniCAM, Circuit CAM.

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Re: Computer Integrated Manufacturing | 2 November, 1999

FABmaster gold version can read many kinds of CAD data i.e Zuken CADSTAR , PADS ,Mentor Graphics, Cadence and etc and the best place that could find great information for manufacturing is thru the CAD data.FABmaster actually act as a multiple i/o for different kind of CAD data and to transfer it for manufacturing , such as to Graphi Code s/w such as GC-place.

However there are other offline programming SMT CIM software available in the market such as T.I.M.M.S which runs on OS/2 from sony.This s/w is perfect for programming on panasert , sony pick&place smt Machines.TIMMS(total intergrated Manufacturing management system)need's a normal PC with IBM OS/2 installed plus a printer to work .A panasert optical digitizer is optional.

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Jamie Marsh


Re: Computer Integrated Manufacturing | 11 November, 1999

I found a lot of information about UniCam at their web site. Check it out.

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Mika Johnsson


Re: Computer Integrated Manufacturing | 24 November, 1999

We did a survey on CIM optimization systems in electronics assembly. Our main stress was on optimization aspects. Here are some links from our study.

Aiscorp, CIRCUITCAM Dareba Corporation, Fabmaster Harelda, SMDOPTIMIZER Mitron, CIMBRIDGE Sony, TIMMS, Technomatix, EXALINE Unicam Unisoft, EZ-CIM/EZ-CAM

Machine vendors Fuji, FUJICAM, XCME Panasonic, PANACIM/PANAPRO

If you want to know more about SMDOPTIMIZER of Harelda please email: or

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Re: Computer Integrated Manufacturing | 25 November, 1999


Optel is a manufacturing optimization and execution system for PCB assembly industry

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