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Ferrite Bead 1206

Pat Copeland


Ferrite Bead 1206 | 31 October, 1999

I am currently placing aprox. 95 to 100 1206 size ferrite beads onto a pcb and having difficulty solding these parts. They appear to be soldered when the board comes off the reflow, but you can flic the parts off by hand. We thought they were contaminated from having them put on tape and reel, so we bought a new reel from the manufacturer. The same results. Anyone else having this problem.

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Re: Ferrite Bead 1206 | 2 November, 1999

Pat: No, but if you describe the situation we may be able to sort through your soldering problem. Good luck. Dave F

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Re: Ferrite Bead 1206 | 2 November, 1999

Hi Pat, is the soldering Ok when you solder them by hand ? We use some larger ferrite beads with no problems in reflow but I must say that we use a vapour phase and only max 5 parts/PCB. They do have a high thermal capacity and you use a lot of them, you might check your profile ( measure the temperature at the bead ) and consider also the coolingphase cause they store a lot of heat and it takes a longer time for the joints to get solid again so that mechanical influences might disturb the formation of a good solderjoint.

Just my 2 cents Wolfgang

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