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ENTEK CU56 | 20 October, 1999

Hello all, I am trying to get some information on ENTEK CU56. I am planning to use 310M flux on ENTEK 56 cards. It will not be a double reflow (top/bottom) followed by wave. I plan to reflow, glue/cure then wave.

I am concerned about burning off the Entek before it gets to the wave and this may result in oxidation and poor soldering at the wave.

Has anyone run/running ENTEK 56 with 310M? What issues are you experiencing? Are you running CFM?

Thanks Nick

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Re: ENTEK CU56 | 20 October, 1999

Dunno about 310M flux, but I share your concerns about CU56. You might rethink your selection of solderability perservative, because Enthone:

* CU56 allows one thermal cycle. * CU106A allows three thermal cycles.

Good luck

Dave F

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