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Collumn Grid Array

Phuc Nguyen


Collumn Grid Array | 18 October, 1999

I am researching a process call Collumn Grid Array for the BGA. Please email me if you have some knowledge about this process.

The problem is ceramic BGA has different thermal coefficient with PCB (FR-4) material, and in extreme temperature (-40 C- +85 C), the ceramic BGA 's balls and the BGA pads on PCB will not line up due to the thermal expansion. The Collum grid array is one solution. I need to learn about this process. Help, please.

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Re: Collumn Grid Array | 19 October, 1999

The CCGA is like a BGA except that the columns are more square looking and there are many more of them. They are made of lead so they are very fragile. They are very expensive. There is a special cleaning process they have to go through once it has been on a board. There should be great care taken when handling the PCB even after the board has been completed. You should contact IBM. That is where I believe we get our parts from. I think they are more of a hassel to deal with my self. I believe the quality of the BGA's and the PCB pads might be the problem. We still have the same problems with CCGA's at X-Ray with coplanarity. Probably didn't help much but it is a start. There should be alot more info on the net if you look around. Good luck.

Try this site:

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John Bashe


Re: Collumn Grid Array | 22 October, 1999

The CCGA package is difficult to handle and automate in the assembly process. The leads can be fragile, and vision recognition of the package and leads is difficult. Special lighting and/or a special vision algorithm will probably be needed if you want to inspect and place this package on your board. Variations in lead uniformity could result in a high reject rate in the pick and place process.

If you need to build your product in any sizeable volumes, I would recommend avoiding this package unless the thermal issues dictate that there is no other suitable option.

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Re: Collumn Grid Array | 23 October, 1999

Phuc, John is correct about the physical dimensions of the part and the problems surrounding them. This does not mean they are a problem for SMT. They can be placed with little trouble by the machines if you can spend the money on the right equipment. Your problems enter the picture during the handling process.

Thats just my opinion, I could be wrong!

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Aaron Unterborn


Re: Collumn Grid Array | 27 October, 1999

Phuc, One word of advice... Be sure to investigate your rework capabilities if you are going to use ceramic components. It gets tricky and expensive.

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